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PsInfo 1.78 for Windows

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Description:Conveniently obtain system information about your local computer or a remote workstation that you have access to using this console tool
Version:PsInfo 1.78
File size:
4.2 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows All
Updated on:October 18, 2021
Downloaded:5,653 times


PsInfo is a lightweight, console utility that enables users to gather more information about their operating system. The type of installation, kernel build, number of processors, registered user, organization, RAM and installation date are among the details the application can provide and users can filter the data. Since it is a console tool, it goes without saying that the tool can be run with Command Line, PowerShell or any other preferred console.
It is worth mentioning that the tool works with both local and remote computers. Although the application provides the aforementioned information about the local workstation by default, users can specify a remote computer name to retrieve basic information about it. However, bear in mind that since the app relies on Registry access, the remote access can solely be done with computers that have this service running.
At the same time, the remote access entails that the account used to run the tool can access HKLM or this particular system registry portion. To retrieve the data the application employs the Remote Registry API to read system information from its registry. In addition, the developer specifies that the app reads the WMI to determine if the Windows installation on a particular computer has been activated.

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