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Project Planning Pro

Project Planning Pro

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Project Planning Pro

Description:Manage a project efficiently.

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Operating System:MacOS
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Project Planning Pro is designed to manage a Project efficiently. Simplify a Complex plan with Project Planning Pro and maintain it with ease. Utilize this app to create a project plan quickly by adding tasks, their duration as well as their Start and End date. A few taps on the screen will help you to optimally allocate resources, reduce costs and monitor the plan easily. Project Planning Pro offers features such as Gantt Charts, Custom Calendar, Milestones, Critical Path and Task scheduler to manage the project. With Project Planning Pro to manage projects, handling big and small plans will be easier than ever.

Project Planning Pro Features

Interactive User Interface – Project Planning Pro has been designed to make project management simpler, easier and less time consuming, so that you can focus on important pursuits.
Data Sharing Options – The app can import plans in XML format created using either Microsoft Project or Project Planning Pro app on iPhone, iPad and Mac. Plan can be imported using Email. Likewise Project plan can be exported in PDF, XML or CSV formats.
Share Options:

Share as PDF – Open with PDF Reader Applications
Share as XML file – Opens with Microsoft Project and Project Planning Pro
Share as CSV file – Open with Excel or Spreadsheet Applications

Task Linkage – In a Project, tasks are dependent on each other and their relationship is represented with dependency lines. With Project Planning Pro you can create four kinds of dependencies, namely Finish to Start(FS), Start to Start(SS), Finish to Finish (FF) and Start to Finish(SF).
Gantt View – The Gantt View showcases the task dependencies, milestones, Task start and complete date, task duration, cost of task, task completion in percentage.
Critical Path View – Critical path view showcases the tasks that are critical for your project and need to be accomplished on time, so as to ensure that the Project moves as per the fixed schedule. With the right understanding of critical path, you can take informed decisions so that the path’s progress remains unhindered.
Resource View – This indicates all the resources utilized in the project along with the number of task they are handling, their cost and the total number of hours they have worked. The resource list can also be exported.

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