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PrivaZer 4.0.28 for Windows

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Description:Clean and protect your PC
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Aug 25th, 2021


PrivaZer is a tool that lets you analyze your PC and other devices by looking for parts that can endanger you or that makes your processes run slower.

When using the program, it will automatically identify all the devices or hard disks that are connected to your PC. In fact, you can deselect one, although it will try to analyze everything by default in order to find parts to improve.

One of the functions of the application is deleting every trace of deleted files that we don’t want to recover in any way. Apart from improving the speed of your PC, it also allows you to gain free space on the hard disk. In addition, PrivaZer takes care of eliminating all kinds of useless lists, cookies or other parts that do nothing more than slow down your computer.

PrivaZer is an interesting tool to improve the general performance of your computer and gain free space on the hard disk with just a few clicks. The best of it all is that it’s not even necessary to install it.

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