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Prime Peaks 28.2 for Android

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Prime Peaks screenshot 2

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App Name

Prime Peaks

Description:Race through mountains at full speed
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Jun 1st, 2021
Author:A25 Apps


Try to finish difficult races while collecting as many coins as possible in the two-dimensional racing game Prime Peaks. But be careful, one bad move can flip your vehicle and leave you face-down in the dirt.

Your objective is to get the fastest time on each racetrack, but don’t go full throttle just yet – if you accelerate too fast your car will flip over – instead, you need to learn to drive skillfully. Soon you’ll be able to land spectacular jumps as you learn how your vehicle handles.

Upgrade your vehicle with the coins you earn in races, or buy new ones! Choose from various motorcycles, a tractor, a monster truck and much more! Some of the more complicated levels can only be competed using specific vehicles.

Prime Peaks is a very entertaining game that’s similar to Hill Climb Racing, but with great polygonal graphics. You’ll certainly enjoy this awesome title that offers more than twenty racetracks on different islands, and more then a dozen vehicles to unlock.

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