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Prezi Desktop 6.26.0 for Windows

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Prezi Desktop

Description:Create original presentations!
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Jul 24th, 2018
Author: Prezi Inc.


You can use Prezi Desktop to create ‘prezis’ (PowerPoint presentations) on your computer without an internet connection. You can save the presentations on your computer or upload them to if you want to work on them or share them online.

Prezi is a tool that allows you to go far beyond the simple, classic presentations that you can make in PowerPoint. It allows you to make some very visually-appealing, eye-catching presentations, and it has a ton of options that make your job easier.

The program might be a bit difficult to understand at first because it is so different from PowerPoint, but it has an interface that is so intuitive that you won’t have any trouble getting used to the tools it offers very quickly.

Prezi offers you many new, original possibilities, making it the perfect tool to surprise others with your presentations.

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