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Description:A reliable and powerful program that helps you observe the position of artificial satellites and get predictions about satellites’ passes and Iridium flares
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15 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows 10 32/64 bit
Windows 8 32/64 bit
Windows 7 32/64 bit
Updated on:August 28, 2021
Downloaded:6,512 times


is a satellite tracking software whose purpose is to help you monitor and observe the position of artificial satellites in real time. The tool is able to offer predictions about satellites’ passes and Iridium flares.
It features a clean feature lineup where you can view the satellites on a world or sky map.
There are also several built-in parameters that help you gather important information about the position of a satellite in different frames, osculating elements (Keplerian orbital elements), TLE (two-line element) set for computing the position of a satellite at a particular time, predictions, Iridium flares, as well as other handy configuration settings.
PreviSat offers support for two built-in modes when it comes to observing the displacement of the satellites in real time or manually setting the time for displaying satellite positions.
What’s more, you can get comprehensive information about the satellite numerical position in different frames (terrestrial, horizontal, equatorial), several characteristics, such as velocity and magnitude, position of the Sun and Moon, Cartesian position of the satellite and osculation elements, apogee and perigee, orbital period, as well as info about the brightness and dimensions of the satellite.
The program gives you the possibility to calculate the passes of artificial satellites for any location on Earth by specifying the start and end date, location, Sun elevation, minimal elevation of the satellite, and other details. The results can be exported to TXT file format.
What’s more, you can determine Iridium flares for a given location and view the terrestrial coordinates of the location next to your place of observation when the flare reaches the maximum level, as well as calculate orbital events and determine ISS transits with the Sun and/or Moon.
PreviSat enables you to manage TLE orbital elements by updating the categories of orbital elements from the Internet and uploading data from TXT, TLE, or GZ file format.
The tool lets you select between several location categories, add or delete a location or category, as well as hide or show various elements on the map (e.g. Sun, night shadow, radar, Julian date, the names of locations and satellites, coordinates).
To sum it up, PreviSat proves to be a reliable application that comes bundled with a powerful package for helping you observe the position of artificial satellites.

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