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Description:Internet access to your files from iOS, Mac, or PC.

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Operating System:MacOS
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Author / Developer:Developer website


Presence gives you internet access to all your Mac’s files from iPhone, iPad, Mac, or PC – securely. You can share files with others too, instantly. Plus, look through your Mac’s camera from anywhere in the world.


Everything on hand, whenever you need it – With all your files available all the time, you’re free to be spontaneous. There’s no need for USB drives, no uploading, and you don’t have to predict the future. Cloud services like Dropbox make a few of your files available, and copy them to someone else’s server. Presence puts your whole Mac in the cloud, and doesn’t copy your files anywhere. Access to everything, with security and privacy. Don’t put a few files in the cloud – put your Mac in the cloud!
Share with other people – Getting files to others has never been easier, especially if they’re too big to email. There’s no messing around with file sharing services – just send a link. Share whole folders for people to browse at their leisure, or to download as a zip. And because it’s Presence, you can share from anywhere.
Take photos through your Mac’s camera, from anywhere – A user favorite. (And you can turn this feature off if you want to.)
Free your iPhone and iPad – Presence is the bridge between your iPhone and iPad apps and the outside world. On your device, you can transfer files from your Mac to other apps, and from other apps back to your Mac (if the apps support this). Great for editing files on the go, but the possibilities are endless.

Presence costs $10 for six months. Some users may need to purchase additional data, but this is rare.

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