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PPS 10.4.1 for Android

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Description:All Chinese TV shows and movies in one app
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Aug 17th, 2021


PPS 影音(手機版) is an app that lets you see loads of Chinese movies and TV shows, with Chinese audio and subtitles.

PPS 影音(手機版) has a very simple interface that lets you quickly access any show or movie you’re interested in. In the case of series, you can also easily choose the chapters in the show’s own menu.

The best part of PPS 影音(手機版) is that it lets you see all of the shows and movies on streaming, without having to download anything. Now, it also comes with the option of downloading all the movies and shows onto your Android device’s memory.

PPS 影音(手機版) is a very complete app that comes with hundreds of hours of content between movies and shows. From dramas to science fictions shows, all the way to action movies, all the audiovisual content you could possibly want is found on PPS 影音(手機版).

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