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Pokémon: Survival Island 11.3 for Windows

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App Name

Pokémon: Survival Island

Description:Extreme survival on Pokemon Island
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Aug 4th, 2014
Author:Team Survival Island


Pokémon: Survival Island is a role play and survival game that brings together titles as diverse as Pokemon and Minecraft. Right from the very beginning, you find all the Pokemon, the background of the story, and the chance to create loads of objects on the work tables.

The game’s story begins when our hero’s ship, which you can create by selecting from various options, runs aground, leaving him as the sole survivor shipwrecked on a desert island. So, our hero will have to do everything possible to escape the hostile environment where he finds himself… with only the help of your initial pokemon.

Early in the game you can choose exactly which pokemon want to start with (you just have to enter its name in capital letters), but thanks to the possibility of creating new pokeballs, you can try to capture more pokemon for your group.

The game, of course, uses the turn-based battle system from Pokemon. You can choose what kind of attack to carry out and whether to run away or intervene using some curative object or other.

In addition to the usual dangers found on a deserted island, you will also find a number of temples belonging to an ancient civilization. In them, you can find some very strange objects and more pokemons, but of course, they will not be easy to reach.

Pokémon: Survival Island is a very complete game, with a great mix of genres. The graphics are also taken directly from Nintendo, and will be familiar to all fans of the saga.

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