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Podcast Addict 2021.11 for Android

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App Name

Podcast Addict

Description:Manage all your audio and video podcasts from your mobile phone
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Aug 19th, 2021
Author:Xavier Guillemane


Manage all your podcasts, YouTube channels, and RSS news from a single application. Don’t miss the content you want to listen to, read, and watch, on Podcast Addict.

This application supports streaming and it downloads files as well. It also incorporates an audio and video player that resumes playing where you left it, so you don’t have to worry about pausing and having to start over.

It includes dozens of radios from seven different countries that you can choose from. You can listen to them live or search for pasts transmissions.

If you want you can browse different categories to discover new content, or import it from iTunes, as long as it’s verified content from Podcast Addict, which offers this extra security feature.

The app also includes podcasts recommendations and a top 50 inside each category. You can also share the results you discover with your contacts.

Podcast Addict is, in short, a good application to manage all you multimedia content.

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