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PmWiki 2.2.139 for Windows

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Description:Create and maintain collaborative websites with the help of this CMS that allows you to come up with restrictions as to who can become an author
Version:PmWiki 2.2.139
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587 KB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows All
Updated on:May 5, 2021
Downloaded:3,973 times
Developer:Patrick R. Michaud


Content management for collaborative websites could turn into a real challenge if you don’t resort to a powerful software solution to accompany you in your quest.
is a tool that could come in handy if you are exploring the possibility of not only creating such a website but also maintaining it.
Considering that such a website allows regular users to edit it provided that they follow basic rules, it becomes natural that the approach to access control that PmWiki proposes is of major importance. As such, you may want to know that you can restrict access to the entire website as well as to groups of pages or specific URLs using a password.
Before discussing the next feature, it should also be pointed out that, even though this system is self-contained, it can also work with existing password databases.
Then, needless to say, the functions and the appearance of your website can be easily modified, what with support for HTML templates and skins being provided, regardless of whether they are existing ones or you have created them.
Even though the content management system tries to offer all the functionality you would need under normal circumstances, it does allow you to enhance its capabilities with new markup and extensions.

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