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Pirate Browser for Windows

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Pirate Browser

Operating System:Microsoft Windows
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PirateBrowser is a package of applications that includes Tor, a popular open source, anonymous surfing tool, and the Portable Firefox browser with FoxyProxy plugin installed as standard, with some additional preprogrammed configurations.

The purpose of this custom browser is to bypass the restrictions and censorship on certain content imposed by some countries on their citizens. Thus, regardless of which country you are in—Iran, North Korea, Finland, Denmark, Italy, wherever—you can gain access to any web page.

Using the options found in the Tor control panel you can configure many aspects of your Internet connection and the interface itself changing everything from the overall look to the language of the browser itself.

By default, PirateBrowser includes The Pirate Bay as its home page, and a series of pretty interesting links in the favorites. The purpose is to allow those users who might otherwise be unable to access these sites to do so with no problems.

PirateBrowser browser is a powerful and fast browser that, while it cannot guarantee anonymity (that’s not its purpose or anything like it), does allow you to bypass the regional restrictions imposed in many countries.

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