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Pipette for MAC

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Pipette is a very light app that allows you to identify any visible color on your Mac screen. It doesn’t matter whether the color is inside the icon of a desktop app or the background of a web page, one click will let you capture that color and use it whenever you wish.

The way Pipette works is quite simple. The app doesn’t require installation, so all you have to do is run it directly and you’ll be able to see its interface straight away. Clicking the Pipette button will turn on the special color-picker cursor. You will know that you have entered this mode because the mouse cursor will become a cross. As soon as you click on any color, all the information related to this color will be saved instantly in the program’s memory.

The information saved by Pipette includes, as usual, the HEX code. But you can also view the RGB and CMYK values and the HSC, XYZ and TColor values. And, best of all, you can convert the values between each other. With just one click, you can copy all this data to the clipboard. This way, you can import the color information to any other program smoothly and quickly.

Pipette is a very useful app for designers and anyone who regularly works with picture editing programs in general. Thanks to this app, you will be able to identify and replicate your favorite colors wherever you see them. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a web page, video game or movie; if you like a color, you can identify it with just one click.

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