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PicApport 10.2.00 for Windows

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Description:Create your own photo server and connect devices to it with this powerful application that allows you to view either picture thumbnails or slideshows
Version:PicApport 10.2.00
File name:PicApport_Installer_v10.2.00.exe
File size:
128 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows 10 32/64 bit
Windows 8 32/64 bit
Windows 7 32/64 bit
Updated on:October 25, 2021
Downloaded:2,524 times
Developer:Contecon Software GmbH


is meant to help users establish remote connections to their very own photo server. The program creates a local picture server that loads the designated images folder.
The software is built around a client-server architecture. This allows setting up private remote connections with all sorts of modern gadgets, like tablets and smart phones.
The really nice feature is that, unlike alternative solutions, none of the private contents are transferred to third-party sites!
Once users specify their pictures folder, the software automatically generates a remote HTTP or HTTPS server. The port used to connect to it can be customized by users.
Upon completion, browsing through the files is possible. The software not only lists files, but can also sort them.
For example, a name ascending filter can be applied in order to view only certain files. A random method of sorting is also available, which can be quite fun, more-so when coupled with the program’s “Slideshow” function.
As the name suggests, this generates a photo album that browses through the uploaded catalog and displays files according to the defined sorting filters. An interesting note is that users can control the transition speed.
The interface is really intuitive and new-comers will find operating the utility a breeze. For the more technologically-advanced users, a whole range of server customization options is available. And, just in case things get tangled, a detailed help is on demand to save the day!
In conclusion, PicApport is a very simple to use, yet powerful and comprehensive utility for all your picture-sharing needs.

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