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Pic-a-POD for MAC

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Operating System:MacOS
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If you are one of those people who like to constantly change the look on their desktop, then Pic-a-POD will be your favorite program.

It’s a simple application with which you can access exceptionally high quality photos on a daily basis to set them as your wallpaper.

The program connects to 3 different servers to show you images from National Geographic, astronomy, and a category of varied Earth images. You’ll be able to enjoy three new images on a daily basis which you can automatically set as your wallpaper or desktop picture.

Plus, all the pictures are stored in the same folder. If using the program you get a text message like this one
Picture is not in the correct format to be displayed
, then you’ll have to define a folder for the images to be saved into under settings.

With Pic-a-POD you can also set the frequency with which you would like the image on your desktop to be changed using the ones saved in your folder, or you can even set it to download new pictures automatically every day.

Pic-a-POD is easy to use and completely free. Could you ask for more?

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