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Photo Stitcher for Mac 1.1 for MAC

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App Preview

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App Name

Photo Stitcher for Mac

Description:Create the perfect panoramic picture with this tool
Operating System:MacOS
Added date:Aug 31rd, 2020


Photo Stitcher for Mac is an app that you can use to merge photos to create a single panoramic image without a professional camera. With this app, you can combine your photos in an easy, simple, and convenient way.

This app has an algorithm that can automatically recognize common elements across different photos to create a panoramic image in an exact and precise way, without any jumps or cuts. Besides that, it also aligns and color corrects your photos so they look more uniform, which means that the final image won’t have any glaring defects that reveal it’s not a panoramic image but actually one composed of various photos.

Beyond that, Photo Stitcher for Mac can also import RAW files from video cameras, mobile devices, and other equipment, so you’ll never have a compatibility problem with this app. Once you’ve finished retouching the image and its composition, you can share the final result on social networks, in messages, or in emails. You can also print the image without having to resort to a third-party tool.

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