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PGP Desktop 9.10 for Windows

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PGP Desktop

Description:Protect your communications and confidential information
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:May 14th, 2009
Author:PGP Corporation


As you probably know, despite the security measures you take regarding the information you send by email or by messaging clients, these measures are always susceptible to not being enough when it comes to private or confidential information.

PGP Desktop is an application that will help you feel safe in front of your PC because its responsibility is to encrypt all the information coming and going from email clients, messenger clients, transferred files, chat sessions, etc.

In the PGP Desktop interface you will find different menus from which you can securely manage passwords, add email and messaging services to be encrypted, protect compressed files and folders, or create and manage virtual storage units that can act as a safe and remain invisible to others.

Lastly, PGP Desktop also includes tools to protect the folders you share on a network and it allows you to add users and permissions so the folders in which you store confidential information are only available to the people that you choose.

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