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Pepakura Viewer 4.2.4 for Windows

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Pepakura Viewer

Description:A very easy to use application that was especially tailored for those who need to analyze and print three-dimensional paper designs
Version:Pepakura Viewer 4.2.4
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5.2 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows 10
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP
Windows 2K
Updated on:May 30, 2021
Downloaded:8,834 times
Developer:Tama Software Ltd


Many software solutions that are dedicated to 3D design are accompanied by separate tools that will serve a simple purpose, namely the previewing of the files created by the main application. Such a utility is the one going by the name of
Pepakura Viewer
and it was made to complement
Pepakura Designer
The tasks that can be carried out with the help of this particular program include loading and analyzing paper models, as well as printing the template that will be used to put together the design and thus bring the concept to life.
The interface of Pepakura Viewer is clean and simple, with all the functions easily accessible from the main toolbar or from the corresponding menus. Once you open a Pepakura Designer file, you will be able to look at it from two perspectives: 3D and 2D.
The three-dimensional view enables you to rotate the model and look at it from pretty much any angle. Insofar as the flat view is concerned, it will help you make an idea on how the paper template should be cut from the sheet it is printed on.
When it comes to the viewing options of the software, there are quite a few you can activate from the dedicated menu. It is also possible to have part names shown in the 2D view, the page numbers and others that are useful in understanding how the end-product will look like.
The customization settings include a most useful texture configuration area from where you can assign the images you wish to be used in your design. On the whole, the viewer features are well represented and the extra functionality offered by Pepakura Viewer can surely make it the best tool for handling Pepakura Designer files.

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