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PendMoves 1.3 for Windows

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Description:See what files are scheduled for delete or rename the next time the system boots so you can make any last minute or change of heart modifications
Version:PendMoves 1.3
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Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows All
Updated on:August 23, 2021
Downloaded:2,409 times


is a lightweight utility designed to show the pending values of files that are currently being used. Simply put, the idea behind the tool is to display the moves and deletion that have been scheduled via
. In general, the apps are used together, the latter having the role of helping users move files that are in use by another process or the operating system. It is important to note that the tool does not move such files immediately, but rather the next time the computer is rebooted.
Considering that certain commands for termination, deletion or renaming are deemed permanent after the computer restart, it may come in handy to double check before doing the changes. This is especially true for the situations when backups are not possible and system restore points are unavailable. Here is where the application comes in to display a complete list of the files to be modified so they can be easily reviewed and make other modifications, before the commands take effect.
Since users are already likely to know what changes they want to make, the utility can be useful if they have a change of heart. Afterwards, they can simply access the desired file without having to resort to file recreation or backtracking.

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