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PeaZip Portable 8.2.0 for Windows

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PeaZip Portable

Description:Mobile version of this excellent file compressor
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Sep 13th, 2021
Author:Giorgio Tani


PeaZip is a file compression and decompression tool that supports various formats and introduces a new one: the file type Pea, which is an acronym for the following words: pack, encrypt, authenticate.

Pea is an open-source format that is known for archiving, compression and multi volume file split in a single passage. But there’s even more–it supports object level integrity checking and authenticated encryption.

Furthermore, PeaZip can work with the following other formats: GZip, Tar, Zip, 7z, Z, BZip2, etc.

Lastly, thanks to this mobile version, you can enjoy all the program options from any mobile storage device because it doesn’t require installation.

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