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Operating System:Microsoft Windows
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PCmover, an application launched by Laplink along with Microsoft, lets you migrate all your data, files, documents, configurations, and practically 100% of the content on your PC to any other computer.

Doing this will save you from having to copy and paste all your information to external hard drives bit by bit, as this tool will migrate everything all at once without losses or errors.

You’ll also have the option to transfer only certain documents, selecting the ones you do and don’t want to share with the other computer.

PCmover is the ideal solution for those planning to change their PC or buy a new one, or who simply want to share all their information with another system.

The method is very simple: first, indicate whether you’re using the old or new computer and how you’re going to transfer the files, be it by CD, USB, or WiFi. Once you’ve specified this, your system will begin scanning all the data it contains.

Lastly, it’s worth highlighting that this tool is compatible with any operating system, meaning users of any version of Windows can use PCmover.

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