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Patch My PC for Windows

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Patch My PC

Description:Keep your PC’s software up to date with the newest patches and releases so you have them running smoothly and uninstall applications from your computer
Version:Patch My PC
File name:PatchMyPC.exe
File size:
3 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows 10 32/64 bit
Windows 8 32/64 bit
Windows 7 32/64 bit
Windows Vista 32/64 bit
Updated on:August 12, 2021
Downloaded:38,114 times


A lot of popular software out today is fitted with a feature that tells you when a new version is released and the update ready to install. It’s always handy to have it since you’ll be able to add new features once they are available or remove bugs as soon as possible.
Others on the other hand might not have this feature or it’s not working properly. For those two reasons and others,
Patch My PC
was created. It’s a lightweight utility that allows you to perform a quick check-up on software you have installed on your computer in order to see if any updates are available.
The application displays a user-friendly interface with a tabbed structure which makes it comprehensive and accessible to most users. When run, it quickly scans the computer and makes a list of all the software that does or does not need updating.
Applications that require updates are highlighted in red while those that are up-to-date are show with a green title. Once the assessment is complete, Patch My PC automatically selects the aps that are ready for updating and displays their name with the new version number. However, it doesn’t start updating on its own, as you are able to manually choose what you want to install.
Patch My PC enables you to make your updates list and with a click of a button install multiple ones. To make sure you don’t risk affecting the stability of your computer when performing multiple updates, Patch My PC allows you to create a restore point before starting, as well as close programs that conflict with updates.
Apart from that, with this application you can enable or disable third-party software that is automatically run when your operating system boots. It’s a nice feature to have since in a lot of cases, you don’t need specific software to run in the background. Better yet, if there is software you don’t plan to use any time soon, you can use Patch My PC to uninstall it.
Patch My PC is easy to use and quick on its feed but it does have a setback. Depending on what software you use, this can be an important issue or not because the application can only update software that exists in a specific database.
The list is rather long and it does cover the most commonly used software but there are chances that some of what you use will not be present. On the good side of things though, Patch My PC’s updates library is constantly being improved.

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