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PartitionGuru for Windows

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Description:Manage and restore your hard drive partitions
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Oct 9th, 2019
Author:Eassos Ltd


PartitionGuru is a simple tool that allows you to manage the partitions on your hard drive and to format them, create new ones, or delete the ones that you have. This is an all-in-one process that, in addition to making Windows backup copies, also allows you to change their size and restore virtual disks as well as RAID information.

This program is very useful when it comes to managing your drive and recovering all of those files that disappear from your computer’s memory, mysteriously or due to some error. On the other hand, the backup copies protect all of this data by taking the processes to a safe part of your computer’s memory.

PartitionGuru not only restores files that have been deleted, but it also includes a function that allows you to recover lost partitions.

This utility is compatible and works well with virtual hard drives like VMware, VirtualBox and Virtual PC in addition to supporting SCSI, IDE, SATA and USB flash drives or memory cards.

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