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Papyrus 2020-12 release (5.0.0) for Windows

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Description:A full-featured modeling environment that relies on the latest technologies and standards, and provides support for a variety of diagram types
Version:Papyrus 2020-12 release (5.0.0)
File size:
571 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows 10 32/64 bit
Windows 8 32/64 bit
Windows 7 32/64 bit
Windows Vista 32/64 bit
Updated on:December 19, 2020
Downloaded:1,598 times
Developer:Eclipse Foundation


Built using Eclipse,
delivers a robust diagram modeler that keeps the familiar look of the Eclipse IDE while adding various tools and options that work together to build a fully functional environment for running model-based simulations, tests, and analysis.
The interface provides a working space that is both well-structured and intelligently designed, comprising a project and a model explorer, tab-based layout that enables users to work with multiple diagrams simultaneously, and a palette section that encloses all the tools one needs to create their design.
In its endeavor to provide the versatility such an application needs to match the requirements of different software engineering domains, each and every area of Papyrus is completely customizable. With simple drag and drop actions, one can change the default layout and create a working environment to their liking.
Relying on the latest standards and up-to-the-minute technologies in its field, Papyrus aims to offer its users a rich graphical editing application that fully complies with the OMG specifications. As such, it can handle class, object, and package diagrams, profile and component diagrams, activity, communication, sequence, and timing diagrams, and the list does not end here. Furthermore, it supports SysML tabular and graphical editors, enabling users to combine diagrams to create their model.
Papyrus features several object manipulation and editing tools, making it easier for users to generate the diagram they want. Managing all kinds of nodes, components, and constraints is not difficult, and illustrating relationships and dependencies is easily achieved.
Thanks to its advanced simulation framework, Papyrus can execute models, enabling the user to find errors with the integrated debugger.
With its rich embedded diagram editors and its support for SysML, fUML, and Alf modeling, Papyrus can adapt to the different needs of various industries and domains. No matter the field, it can provide advanced model-based testing and simulations that meet the most recent standards.

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