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Palit ThunderMaster 4.9 for Windows

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Palit ThunderMaster

Description:A powerful application designed for overclockers and users who want to get the most out of their JetStream GeForce GTX graphics card
Version:Palit ThunderMaster 4.9
File size:
8.1 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows 10 32/64 bit
Updated on:July 27, 2021
Downloaded:13,290 times
Developer:Palit Microsystems Ltd.


Most power users and PC enthusiasts are familiar with tweaking utilities designed to enhance the performance of their systems. With the continuous advances in technology, computer components become more efficient and bear more features, the software tools to control and customize them are also improving.
To squeeze every drop of performance from a video card, for example, a dedicated overclocking program should do the trick. Those who have on their systems a GeForce GTX graphics card from Palit are fortunate enough to also be able to enjoy an application tailored [precisely for their devices:
Through a nice looking interface, this utility offers a variety of facilities for monitoring and adjusting the parameters of the connected card. It can keep a close eye on the core temperature of the GPU and allows you to adjust manually the speed of the cooling fan by using a simple slider.
The ‘OverClocker’ module of ThunderMaster will provide quick access to several tweaks that can be applied to the video card. Thus, you will be able to alter the default settings for the GPU clock and memory clock offsets, as well as to modify the minimum offset for the voltage or choose the desired power target.
From the same area of the software it is possible to input the GPU temperature target as well as apply a forced increase insofar as the maximum core voltage is concerned. In case you are striving to achieve a specific frame rate, ThunderMaster can also help as it comes with a dedicated slider for this.
Thanks to a neat GUI and a really easy to use set of features, which include the possibility of backing up the graphic card BIOS to a file, this program manages to supply at least the basic tools for tinkering with a special line of products.

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