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Description:Ultra-simple layout HTML page editor for Web and print.

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Operating System:MacOS
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Author / Developer:Developer website


PageMeUp is designed to lay out both hard documents for print, such as magazines, flyers, business cards, etc.; and to easily create soft documents, such as your Web site. Simply drag, import, or paste images and text onto the PageMeUp document, then edit, print, and export to PDF or HTML at the resolution and quality you need. PageMeUp manages CMYK and RGB ICC color profiles to give the utmost accuracy when exporting your documents to PDF. It lets you work with snapping for boxes, custom guides, and margins to let you lay out your pages as quickly as possible. PageMeUp offers several features such as page size, page background color, stage color, page orientation, image box, and text box with position, size and rotation, color background (fill and gradient), border, shadow, flip vertical and horizontal, mask (rect, oval, rounded rect, polygon, star) and all the most-used text features, such as font, style, interline, kern, paragraph, etc.

Quick, easy and intuitive
Import PDF, PSD, PNG, TIF, JPG, EPS, GIF and many other image formats
Export and print to Professional Quality PDF with icc Color Profile and custom resolution images
Export to HTML/CSS with links to internal page, external pages, email and files to download
Export to Widget
The web pages can be organised in a folders hierarchical structure

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