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Description:Create distribution and installation packages.

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Operating System:MacOS
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Author / Developer:Developer website
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Packages lets you create distribution and installation packages.

Who is it for?

Well, imagine you are a software developer who just completed a project and it’s time to work on shipping it. Or you are an administrator and you need to deploy a plugin on the Mac computers of your network. Whenever you need to create an installation package or distribution for Mac OS X 10.5 or later, Packages is the powerful and flexible solution you’re looking for.

With Packages, you can define which applications, bundles, documents or folders should be part of the payload of your installation packages and where they should be installed. You can even set what the owner, group or permissions of the payload items should be upon installation. And if you need to also install an existing package, just import it so that it can be added to your distribution.

Presentation Editor

With its WYSIWYG editor, Packages lets you set and localize the customizable panes of your distributions. Checking how your distribution looks like in different languages has never been so easy. You can even add Installer plugins to your distribution.

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