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Operating System:MacOS
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ownCloud is an excellent program for syncing your files on the cloud and streamlining your file management in general. It also includes myriad features and updates that other services simply don’t offer.

One of the most interesting aspects of ownCloud when compared to its main competitors, such as Dropbox, is the ability to sync as many folders on your hard drive as you want. This way, all the information stored in these folders is backed up automatically without limitations. Setting this process up only takes a few seconds: all you have to do is open the program and choose a folder.

As is typical for this kind of program, ownCloud lets you manage all your files via browser tabs as well as the desktop client. From either interface, you can manage all the files you have synced, organize them into folders, download them, and even view them online. In short, you can access all your files whenever and wherever you want.

ownCloud is a top-notch tool for syncing and backing up your files, especially for small- and medium-sized businesses. Not only is this program versatile and practical, but it’s also extremely reliable.

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