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Opera GX 79.0.4143.73 for Windows

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Opera GX

Description:A browser that’s geared towards gamers
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Sep 30th, 2021
Author:Opera Software


Opera GX is a new alternative to the well-known browser. This time, it focuses on offering services and features for PC videogame players. Although this version shares its core with the standard version, it includes enough changes to be considered a totally different product.

Beyond its colorful and sleek aesthetics, Opera GX includes unique features such as its CPU and RAM controls that can help you limit the browser’s resource consumption while it’s running, which is especially useful when you’re streaming content. As a matter of fact, the spotlight set towards that type of practice is clear with the integration of an exclusive Twitch tab inside the browser, as well as the possibility to watch videos on overlapping popup tabs.

Opera GX also shares some features with other products from the company, such as an integrated ad blocker, a VPN service and the web version of messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. In fact, all your markers and settings can be exported if you already had an Opera user account.

Opera GX is definitely an interesting tool for users who want to have a completely customized browsing experience that includes features that’ll adapt to your needs. This time, the app focuses on resource consumption and PC videogames.

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