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OpenSesame 3.3.10 for Windows

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Description:A comprehensive software solution designed to help both experts and beginners build complex psychological or sociological experiments
Version:OpenSesame 3.3.10
File size:
498 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows 10 64 bit
Updated on:September 4, 2021
Downloaded:5,666 times
Developer:Sebastiaan Mathôt


is a streamlined piece of software created especially for users that want to build psychology-related experiments. In addition, the application is also well-suited for creating complex experiments in fields like neuroscience and experimental economics.
Right off the bat, it should be noted that the utility is designed from the ground up to make it possible for you to use third party devices such as eye trackers, button boxes and EEG equipment.
Furthermore, since almost everything related to psychology usually involves high-level complexity, it is worth mentioning that OpenSesame enables you to use Python to further enhance the provided possibilities.
For example, in situations in which the app is no longer sufficient, you can customize its core functionality by adding Python codes to your experiments. This is probably the best time to point out that it is a very good idea to take a while and read the instructions and possibly undergo some of the tutorials provided on the developer’s website.
The app undergoes a typical installation process, after which it can be launched without the need of configuration on your part. The main window is fairly well structured and the interface makes it easy for you to access all its functions with ease.
On the top part of the main window, you can find the app’s top toolbar that provides you quick access to some of the main features and commands, on the extreme left there is a compact panel that offers direct access to some of the most commonly used tools and right next to it an Overview panel that displays the structure of your experiment.
In addition to all this, you should also know that OpenSesame is a cross-platform application which means that you can run it just as efficiently on all major operating systems out there, namely Windows, macOS and Linux.
All in all, OpenSesame is a reliable and useful utility that, once you take the time to read all the complex instructions and learn its functions, can help you develop complex psychological experiments using your computer as the primary platform for doing so.

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