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Open365 for MAC

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Operating System:MacOS
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Open365 is a free and open-source alternative from the well-known Office365. This complete office suite stored in the cloud gives you access to a collection of tools from any device through a web browser. It also gives you a space to work online on group projects.

Thanks to its integration with LibreOffice Online, the suite includes a word processor, spreadsheet program, and multimedia presentations tool. This means it assures compatibility when using it with exported documents from other third-party programs.

Although it can be used entirely online, the true potential of Open 365 is in the possibility to use its file sync system. This feature lets you create copies of your selected local folders in a private space in the cloud, with 20 gigabytes of free storage. These files are then accessible from the desktop client (the download provided in this case), from your computer browser, or from the smartphone app.

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