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Open Hexagon for Windows

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Open Hexagon

Operating System:Microsoft Windows
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Open Hexagon is a game of…reflexes and instinct, in which the player will have to do something as simple as take a triangle through a labyrinth, which will become a very complicated task as the seconds go by.

The game is a nearly exact open code copy of the great Super Hexagon from Terry Cavanagh, one of the most reputed independent developers at this moment. It offers a nearly identical playability with the difference that it has additional difficulty modalities and a bit worse music.

But with Open Hexagon there comes a moment in which the music, the graphics and practically everything else stop being important. It´s the moment in which the speed of the game goes up and up and it will not only be enough to use our reflexes, we will also have to trust our instinct to guide our triangle.

Open Hexagon is an addictive game, very addictive. Without needing to have a breaking graphic section or very complex mechanics (on the contrary), it manages to keep the player hooked for hours and hours. In short, Open Hexagon is the essence of the pure videogame.

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