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Open DHCP Server 1.80 for Windows

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Open DHCP Server

Description:This command-line application offers you a complete Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server solution that can be deployed independently on any PC
Version:Open DHCP Server 1.80
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Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows All
Updated on:September 23, 2021
Downloaded:8,301 times
Developer:Achal Dhir


Open DHCP Server
enables you to deploy a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server in your network, which is intended to automatically assign valid IP addresses to any connected device.
DHCP servers can simplify network configuration, since a newly connected device is allocated an IP address without requiring the administrator to perform this operation manually.
Practically, a DHCP client (for instance, a computer in the network) sends a discovery packet to the server through a router and receives the response packet, containing the temporary reserved IP address and other configuration details. Without using the DHCP protocol, this entire operation would have to be done manually every time a PC changes location or a new device requires access to the network.
Open DHCP Server works as a Windows service and a command-line application, storing all the IP addresses of clients in a database. You can set up its policy and IP assignment rules using the dedicated configuration file, which enables you to specify the network interface the server should listen to, run replication servers (two different instances of Open DHCP Server that synchronize data), change the HTTP interface, set the range set, activate or deactivate event logging (you should leave this on, for viewing occured errors).
The server can handle up to 125 listening interfaces and it capable of allocating IPs either dynamically or statically. It provides support for relay agents and requires no user interaction for setting the IP address range. In addition to this, it allows BOOTP (‘Bootstrap Protocol’) and PXEBOOT (‘Preboot eXecution Environment’) requests and offers you the freedom of customizing global and client-specific settings.
Open DHCP Server implements an automatic IP allocation system that can be of great use to network administrators. Providing advanced configuration possibilities, it can distribute available IP addresses to all the connected devices from a centralized platform.

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