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OneNote Web Clipper for Chrome 3.8.5 for Windows

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OneNote Web Clipper for Chrome

Description:Save online content to your OneNote folder by turning to this application that lets you capture whole pages, regions or articles and add pages to your Bookmark folders
Version:OneNote Web Clipper for Chrome 3.8.5
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2.5 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows 10 32/64 bit
Windows 8 32/64 bit
Windows 7 32/64 bit
Updated on:October 14, 2021
Downloaded:1,205 times


If you browse online content regularly, you probably encounter several articles or pages that you’d want to access some other time.
Although various web browsers provide you with built-in Bookmark folders that are meant to help you save relevant data and access it later without significant efforts, this function can be quite limited at times. That’s when specialized software solutions, such as
OneNote Web Clipper
, step in.
Since it is an extension for
Google Chrome
, you need to install the host application so that you can benefit from OneNote Web Clipper’s capabilities.
Once you are done installing the prerequisites, you can navigate to the product’s page on the Chrome Web Store and click the “Add to Chrome” button, as the rest of the process takes place without any intervention on your side.
OneNote Web Clipper can help you save online contents to your
folders in a quick, efficient manner. Whether you find yourself browsing a relevant page, reading an interesting article or seeing a beautiful image, you can easily save it, so that you can enjoy it later, as well.
Opening the extension menu can be done easily by clicking the dedicated button next to the browser’s address bar. Doing so reveals a few categories, such as “Full Page,” “Region,” “Article” and “Bookmark.” Based on your preferences, you can save the entire page or just a certain part of it, by selecting the corresponding function.
When you perform a clipping, you can add titles to your selections, so that you can organize them in a more efficient manner. Accomplishing this can be simply done by typing the desired content in the designated field.
Whenever clipping an article, you can choose the color of the text, as well as the font face and size by using the dedicated controls at the top of the window. It is also possible to define a few custom locations, so that you can export clippings to a certain location, for even better content management.
To sum it up, OneNote Web Clipper is a reliable application that enables you to save online content to your OneNote folders in a quick convenient manner. It requires Google Chrome to run on your computer and lets you save a full page, capture a region, extract an article or add a page to your bookmarks list.

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