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Description:Organize and share all your information in one place.

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Operating System:MacOS
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NoteTaker lets you organize and Share All Your Information In One Place

NoteTaker™ for macOS is an innovative, next-generation application for capturing, organizing and retrieving any kind of information in an intuitive electronic notebook. As a personal productivity tool, NoteTaker enables a powerful yet easy to use environment for working with your information.
Use NoteTaker daily in every part of your life- at home, at work, for a project, or just for fun. NoteTaker takes an intuitive, outliner approach to your task, no matter what the complexity, and you can customize it to fit your work style and information needs.
NoteTaker is fully compatible with notebooks created by the original NoteTaker and NoteShare apps

Information At Your Fingertips

Even if you’re using NoteTaker for the first time, you’ll already know how to use a NoteTaker notebook. An intuitive multi-page notebook with section tabs makes it easy to page through content just like in a regular paper-based notebook. In addition, you can tag, index, prioritize, and summarize information of any kind, performing intelligent searches without the complexity of a database system. If it’s in NoteTaker, you can find it any time from anywhere.

Notebooks for Everything

With NoteTaker, it’s easy and convenient to:

Gather a variety of information throughout the day and organize it in free text, lists, outlines, or tables
Use notebooks as central hubs for major projects, organizing schedules, contacts, document attachments, clippings from other applications, voice memos, Web links, and even live Web pages
Keep an address book and To Do list, generating mailing lists, prioritizing tasks, and checking them off when they’re completed
Outline, generate, and index a document-be it a professional paper, school report, or book of favorite recipes
Record lectures while taking notes that are synced to the audio and vice versa
View live web pages and podcasts in an embedded Web browser
Assemble scrapbooks or briefs of Internet clippings, photos, diagrams, and movies
Organize and summarize research notes, keep track of school assignments, and manage other school projects
Share notebooks between multiple computers using iCloud
Retrieve earlier versions using macOS’s native document versioning
Set a password to keep your notebook data secure with 128-bit AES encryption

Creating and Publishing Notebook Content

Generate PDF “notebooks” anyone can view.
Publish a Web Notebook™, making your content available over a private network or on the Internet.
NoteTaker applications are nearly unlimited when it comes to organizing notes, ideas, projects, and other information. As we like to say, “Use it every day for everything that’s on your mind.”

Who is using NoteTaker?

Individuals organizing and keeping personal notebook journals, to do lists and scrapbooks
Artists, musicians and writers creating new projects, brainstorming and reflecting
Students taking course notes, researching topics and reviewing for exams
Professors, teachers and tutors creating course materials, web notebooks and lectures
Attorneys outlining case work, recording meeting notes and preparing presentations
Researchers and scientists organizing research projects and lab notebooks
Project managers and scrum masters organizing agile projects, writing user stories and keeping notes
Exec teams organizing presentations, agendas and reports
Consultants managing client projects, research and meeting notes
Knowledge workers and team leaders enhancing and organizing their daily work
Family members planning events and trips, tracking to do lists and keeping notes
Engineers and software developers organizing work projects, keeping notes and clipping information from web sources

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