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Noodle Master 2.5.3 for Android

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App Name

Noodle Master

Description:Life the life of a professional noodle maker
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Aug 27th, 2021
Author:KAYAC Inc.


Noodle Master is a casual game where you’re plopped into the midst of a busy professional noodle kitchen, set with the task of preparing delicious noodle dishes. Each recipe in this kitchen are centered exclusively on noodles, so you’re going to need to pay extra attention when it comes to creating the right texture to please each of your diners.

In Noodle Master you have to race to make sure none of your guests are left unattended. That means responding to their requests and coming up with exactly the right ingredients to follow the noodle recipe for their order. You can also adapt each dish to add on ingredients, and from there you can add sauces in specific amounts according to their order.

The finishing step is of utmost importance. After unlocking each cutting machine, you’ll have to actually cut the noodles to a suitable length. Slide your finger tip across the screen so that none of the noodles are longer than the plates they’re on, and the end result is a well-plated, professionally served dish. When each order is ready, customers begin to taste their dishes and it’ll give you a score with a tip based on the quality of the service you’ve provided.

Noodle Master is a fun game where you’ll end up becoming a true craftsperson when it comes to whipping up a delicious batch of noodles. Remember to use each ingredient appropriately and follow the recipes exactly to meet your customers’ demands and satisfy their noodle cravings.

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