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Nextcloud Talk 12.2.0 for Android

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Nextcloud Talk

Description:Are you looking for a safe and intuitive messaging platform?
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Aug 29th, 2021


Nextcloud Talk is a communication app, thanks to which you can have audio or video calls, join online conferences or send messages. The highest degree of privacy is guaranteed, saving your data to your servers and preventing metadata leaks.

The infrastructure is simple, and the processes you must carry out to start chat or video conversations are simple. So, once you have installed Nextcloud Talk, you can chat with any other user who also has it installed. As it is a private, guest file-sync and communication platform, Nextcloud Talk can be run from a server of your choice, to give you access to your data.

As the name indicates, Nextcloud Talk lets you share your documents with others, even those on different servers, to work on them together. Additionally, as it is an open-source app, it gives you the option to extend documents for your own use or let others participate in their development.

Nextcloud Talk is a versatile communication tool with its own professional support team, guaranteeing you privacy and helping you to capitalize on your company’s tasks.

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