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NetBalancer for Windows

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Description:Control the use of the programs on the internet
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Sep 6th, 2021


Nowadays it’s normal to work with various programs that make use of the internet. Lots of times, some programs limit the work of the rest because of their use of the internet. You can find an example of this in P2P programs and FTP clients.

To avoid this type of problems you can use network consumption limiters or assign priorities to your programs, like NetBalancer does.

NetBalancer is a program that monitors the use of the internet by all your processes and allows you to control each one of them. This control can be more or less strict, depending on your needs.

The main advantage is that you can assign priorities to each one of the processes in a way that the consumption of the internet will be automatically regulated by the program for each one of the processes.

If you want to exercise a stricter control you can block the access to the internet from certain processes, freeing the resources that it was using in relation to the internet.

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