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mySteganos Online Shield VPN 2.0.3 for Windows

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App Name

mySteganos Online Shield VPN

Description:Protect your Internet connection and browse securely
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Sep 20th, 2018
Author:Steganos GmbH


Steganos Online Shield VPN is a security tool to surf the Internet while leaving no traces on the websites you visit, allowing you to protect yourself from malicious users. To do this, Steganos Online Shield VPN combines a number of features aimed at protecting your data, which can be divided into five main tools:

– Secure your connection: Enabling this function will encrypt the connection so you can access the Steganos server using extra-secure AES-256 encryption, with which you can view any content that might otherwise be blocked from your location.

– Block ads: Advertising banners will automatically disappear, allowing you to read on websites with more convenience and without distracting or misleading images.

– Avoid social-network tracking: Avoid the ways Facebook and Twitter track their users. That said, when this function is activated, you can’t ‘like’ or tweet any messages and can only use the networks in a passive way.

– Remove cookies automatically: This feature will erase your trail and history when you close the browser. This also means it will log you out of any accounts you opened during your time browsing.

-Hide your browser: Browser data is normally used to learn about your surfing habits, but if you activate this option, basic data like your browser version, operating system, and language will be replaced with average values, making it even more difficult to identify you individually.

You can also change your IP address to any other point on the planet in order to access any content that might be blocked in your country and avoid being located by third parties.

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