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MySQL Connector/NET 8.0.25 for Windows

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MySQL Connector/NET

Description:A reliable and effective database driver specially intended for developers who need to access MySQL databases from .NET applications
Version:MySQL Connector/NET 8.0.25
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3.8 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows All
Updated on:May 11, 2021
Downloaded:20,777 times
Developer:MySQL AB


MySQL Connector/NET
is a practical and reliable ADO.NET driver specially designed for users, mostly developers, who need to connect their applications with MySQL databases in order to read, write and store data.
Using MySQL Connector/NET you are able to quickly develop .NET applications that require secure data connectivity with MySQL databases.
Because it integrates within
Visual Studio
environment, the driver allows you to work seamlessly with MySQL databases and perform various SQL actions such as generating new tables, creating queries and renaming fields.
Once the connector is installed, you can use it to quickly create, modify and edit connections to MySQL databases. In order to add a new connection, simply access the Server Explorer window from Visual Studio, right-click the ‘Data Connections’ node and choose the ‘Add connection’ menu item.
After that, you can choose the data source you are interested in such as Microsoft ODBC,
Microsoft SQL Server
, then input the connection settings. Also, in case you want to modify the current connection, you can overwrite the existing values with new ones by navigation to the same menu.
Making use of MySQL Connector/NET you are able to edit tables, views or triggers, debug stored procedures and functions, as well as clone and drop database objects.
The ‘Table Designer’ option can be accessed through a mouse action on table-type node of ‘Server Explorer’ menu. Simply access the proper options and create as many tables as you want. Similar actions can be performed as well when creating new procedures and triggers, using the proper menus and options.
What’s more, you can also clone tables, views and functions using the appropriate Clone commands from the context menu and backup the entire project with ease.
If you are using MySQL as the default database and Visual Studio as your development environment, you can install MySQL Connector/NET if you need to create and manage the proper connections between these two applications. This way, you are allowed to add various database objects and manipulate them the way you want.

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