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myNetPCB 8.0 for Windows

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Description:Design electrical circuits from scratch by inserting wires, buses, pins and your own custom components with this application that provides built-in symbol, footprint and board editors
Version:myNetPCB 8.0
File size:
2.4 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows All
Updated on:April 5, 2021
Downloaded:1,826 times
Developer:Sergei Iliev


is a Windows application designed to help you create your own schematic circuits using custom symbols, inserting wires, drawing buses, junctions and connections, as well as adding labels to different components.
The utility can be stored on USB flash drives so you can have it with you all the time. In addition, you can uninstall it using a simple deletion task. It doesn’t not store entries in your Windows registry, as there’s no setup included in the process.
It is
-based so you need to previously deploy the environment on your computer.
The GUI looks straightforward, placing all design tools in a convenient sidebar. myNetPCB gives you the possibility to import data from XML file format and export the generated design to XML, PNG or JPG file format. Printing the design is also possible.
You can load symbols from various preset categories, such as Atmel, Microchip, ROHM, TI, ZETEX or General (e.g. Inductor, LCD, Diod, Ground, Resistor, Resonator, Transistor, Jumper).
You can move objects to the desired position in the working environment using the drag-and-drop support, clone or rotate elements to different angles, draw wires and buses, add bus pins and connectors, create junctions, as well as embed text labels. What’s more, you are allowed to zoom in or out of the design, undo or redo your actions, and copy or paste elements.
myNetPCB gives you the possibility to create user-defined symbols using various drawing tools, such as rectangles, ellipses, arcs, lines, triangles, pins, and labels. The symbols can be saved to the library with components.
All in all, myNetPCB comes with several handy tools for helping you design schematic circuits, and can be handled by beginners and professionals alike.

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