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MyBatis 3.5.7 for Windows

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Description:SQL mapper framework designed to make it easier for software developers to use relational databases with object-oriented applications
Version:MyBatis 3.5.7
File size:
5.3 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows All
Updated on:April 27, 2021
Downloaded:16,308 times
License:Apache License 2.0
Developer:MyBatis Development Team


is a first class persistence framework that offers support for custom SQL, stored procedures and advanced mappings. It is intended to facilitate the use of relational databases with object-oriented applications.
The framework uses an XML descriptor or annotations to couple objects with stored procedures or SQL statements. It was designed with simplicity in mind.
MyBatis gets rid of JDBC code almost entirely, and it makes it unnecessary to set parameters and retrieve results manually. XML or annotations can be used for configuration and map primitives.
MyBatis introduces a Dynamic SQL language that is designed to be used within any mapped SQL statement. The main goal of the development team was to make it easier to work with Dynamic SQL, and the expressions used should be familiar to those who have used JSTL or other similar XML-based text processors.
The framework provides you with a utility class intended to help you embed SQL in Java code. With it, you can create instances that let you call methods against it in order to build an SQL statement step by step.
To help developers get started, an extensive user guide is available in the downloadable package. It details the framework’s capabilities and explains how it can be used in your projects.

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