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Description:Control mulitple Internet browsers at once.

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Operating System:MacOS
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Author / Developer:Developer website


MultiBrowser allows you to take control of the many browsers that you may have installed on your Mac. Whenever you click on a link in just about any application (e.g. Mail, Preview, etc), MultiBrowser will appear and allow you to choose which browser to open that link in. MultiBrowser’s browser selection window is highly configurable allowing you to change its colors, size, and more so that you can decide exactly what it should look like. MultiBrowser uses built-in Mac OS X services so that it does not even have to be running until you actually click a link – this means that it will not waste any of your Mac’s resources. MultiBrowser also has additional options for changing how browsers are launched, handling multiple monitors, and more. It has optional usage tracking (which will not be shared with anyone except yourself) to let know how many times you use each browser.


Take control of the many browsers that you may have installed on your Mac
Can launch links from just about any application
Uses no resources when idle
Works with just about any browser
Highly configurable appearance lets you choose colors, size, and more
Options for changing how browsers are launched
Multi-Monitor support
Optional usage tracking
Automatically checks for the newest version
It’s Free!

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