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Mudlet 4.11.3 for Windows

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Description:An easy to use application that stands as a multi-functional graphical MUD client with built-in native Lua scripting capabilities
Version:Mudlet 4.11.3
File name:Mudlet-4.11.3-windows-installer.exe
File size:
46.4 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows 10 32/64 bit
Windows 8 32/64 bit
Windows 7 32/64 bit
Updated on:April 24, 2021
Downloaded:3,017 times
Developer:Heiko Koehn


is an intuitive and easy to use MUD client that enables you to improve your experience on the game servers, by allowing you to modify certain pieces of script. Thus the software enables you to create or edit triggers, aliases, timers, keys and offers advanced color support. Mudlet is a scripting framework with a quickly updating text display.
Mudlet, the simple to use MUD client is an application that you can use when you wish to connect to a MUD, a multiplayer online game. the purpose of MUD clients is to offer users or developers the means to enhance the gameplay of the MUDs. Generally, MUD clients feature support for ANSI color, triggers and aliases.
The software is a Lua-based scripting platform with a friendly interface that allows you to modify several elements in the MUD. The software features separate editors for triggers, aliases, keys, timers, scripts, buttons and errors. Moreover, it offers support for debugging, importing and exporting elements.
The software allows you to make modifications to several elements and pieces of code in an MUD, as long as you are connected to one of the existing profiles. The options are available to you in the Connect menu, on the command ribbon. You may select one of the existing MUDs via a dedicated server, or you may create your own game profile.
Simply mention the name of the profile, server address, port and password. The MUD install files can be loaded and automatically archived with the integrated Package Manager. Also, regarding the interface, the software’s main display can be divided into multi-area screen, so you can manage multiple aspects of your MUD at the same time.
Mudlet is simple to use, intuitive and allows you to customize the MUD game elements according to your requirements. You may easily connect to a MUD, improve its functioning, add or delete elements or modify profiles. Not only can you edit the existing profiles, but you can create your own MUD, on a dedicated server, with custom controls.

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