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Mp3splt-gtk for Windows

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Operating System:Microsoft Windows
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Mp3splt-gtk is an application with which you can cut tracks in MP3 and OGG formats in as much pieces as you want.

Unlike other similar programs, Mp3splt-gtk does not encode the audio again after splitting up the track, so the process is quite fast.

Basically you can split up the song in two different ways. The first of the processes implies marking the exact points where the song has to be split up, indicating the minute, second and the hundredth of a second while in the second way you only have to establish an interval of time (each x seconds).

Another very useful option is the auto detection of silences that allows Mp3splt-gtk to automatically cut a very large track each time it detects an overly extended silence. The time that has to pass before the program cuts the track is adjustable, so you can use it to split up a music album into different files that, for some reason, you have stored in a single track.

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