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mp3 DJ

mp3 DJ

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mp3 DJ

Description:Sequence audio files from various sources (was Capriccio).

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Operating System:MacOS
Downloaded: times
Author / Developer:Developer website


mp3 DJ (was Capriccio) is a small audio-player application to listen to songs from several sources one after the other: load one or more CDs, mount external drives (ex. flash-drives) and drop on the app’s icon one or several folders containing audiovisual files, and watch mp3 DJ list all of the songs in a single virtual Playlist and play them continuously.


Supports playback of all Quicktime-supported audiovisual files (i.e., not only MP3)
Auto-loading of music CDs dependent on System Preferences (see app preferences)
Auto-eject CDs option
Quick access to the content of the user’s Music folder
Auto or manual display of videos (for audiovisual files)
Displaying of artworks and lyrics (when available)
Sound booster (to be used with caution)

The app does not have an Equalizer window.

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