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MovingPhotos 3D 1.8.1 for MAC

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MovingPhotos 3D

Description:Screensaver that makes 3D compilations of your photos
Operating System:MacOS
Added date:Nov 14th, 2013


MovingPhotos 3D is a screensaver for Mac OS X Leopard that uses CoreAnimation technology included on the operating system to create a variety of compilations made up of the pictures saved on the folders you indicate.

From MovingPhotos 3D’s options panel you can select the speed at which the pictures will be added to the compilation, the photo size, quality, and flow (one by one or several at a time).

The most amazing compilations created by MovingPhotos 3D are the ones that use your pictures to form cubes and building-like structures where the highest point is made out of two pictures that form a triangle. You can also select just one image to be the screensaver if you wish.

MovingPhotos 3D requires a powerful graphics processor. If you see that the quality isn’t so great, try reducing either the image quality or their size.

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