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Movies & TV 10.21092.1073.0 for Windows

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Movies & TV

Description:An intuitive software solution that enables users to watch HD videos, rent online movies or enjoy items from their own collection
Version:Movies & TV 10.21092.1073.0
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51.8 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows 11
Windows 10 32/64 bit
Windows 8 32/64 bit
Updated on:November 12, 2021
Downloaded:36,007 times


Movies & TV
brings you the latest entertainment in one simple, fast, and elegant app on Windows.
It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about PC or Windows Mobile, the app lets you play and manage videos from your collection.
From a functional point of view, the app is nothing more than a digital library from which you can view all of the video files that you have on your hard drive.
It doesn’t matter if you store all the videos on your computer or an external drive since all you need to do to add new videos to the library is just add the drive to the browsing list.
All of your video files will be displayed in a tile format along with the name and a thumbnail, which allows you to know better what each of them might be about.
Of course, you aren’t limited to just seeing the movies that are on your hard drive or removable media, but also those that are on media servers you have access to.
What’s neat is that you don’t need to have the videos stored in the source folder, since this app is capable of detecting videos that are even in subfolder.

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