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Description:Easy and advanced video converter.

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Operating System:MacOS
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Author / Developer:Developer website
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Whether a beginner or an expert, MovieConverter-Studio will automatically fix all your video problems. Features specific to the Pro version:

More broadcasting and editing outputs: up to full HD 1080p (aka “Full HD”).
Full customized access to “comb effects” management : remove comb effects while preserving non-interlaced parts, force deinterlacing, etc.
Editing: convert to your favorite ProRes codec.


Standard, Exclusive Feature: Adaptation to your Television Standard (videos will be conformed …but without jerking).
Aspect: Your movies will no more be deformed after encoding. Exclusive Feature: …even though your videos need a more complex display (automatic detection and management of anamorphic files).
Aspect, Exclusive Feature: Ability to turn your videos from “square screen” to “wide screen” (and vice versa).
Broadcasting: To convert your videos for all your devices: from your Android mobile to your new connected HD television!
Editing: To convert your video for Professional editing in FCPX (or in older versions of Final Cut Pro).
Editing: To convert your videos for editing in iMovie (for every versions).
Interlacing, Exclusive Feature: you never encounter “comb effects” during playback, and without degrading quality like others softs do (Automatic management, according to the device used to play the video).
Formats: Handle most of the main Media Formats (codecs and containers), like: MPEG4, H264, Matroska, PRORES, DNxHD, DV-Video, MPEG TS, MPEG PS, FLV, AVI, VP8, VP9 (.webm), VOB, MXF, GFX and many more…
Easy Mode / beginners: video is very technical domain, but your don’t have to be an expert about video or specifications, to obtain a good result… Exclusive Feature: The Easy Mode do not damage the quality of your videos (automations are set to take over your worries)
“Professional” really means something here (it’s usually used as a bogus commercial argument for beginners, and only means the add of some non-understandable features only for geeks). MovieConverter integrates some helpful and easily usable pro exclusive Feature:

To visually check your “comb effects” and their readout order.
To correct the framerate of a buggy converted video.
To correct audio loudness, according to the professional broadcasting TV channels need…

Expert: Do it more!

Clean your videos.
Making videos from internet less blurry.
Remove the logo of a TV channel.
(To reserve to experts:) MovieConverter has many automations which ensure your quality conversion… But you can override or change them too.

DVD-VIDEO disc: Make your settings in less than three minutes and get a chapterized DVD, with menus in full-screen and animated buttons (and burn it directly from the app). Readable onto a home DVD Player connected to every television (Exclusive Feature: onto Granny’s one and her old square TV, or onto Uncle’s big HD TV).

Other Features:

Preview result (before starting the encoding ;-))
Some Presets (some are provided but you can easily create your own).
Batch processing.
Trim the beginning of the video (to remove unwanted pre-programs).
Choose your bitrate (the quality/disk weight ratio of your converted file).
Ability to automatically limit the bitrate (so, your final video fits well on a disk ;-)).
Several presets “quality/disk weight ratio”.
Ability to encode in black-and-white.
And 4 additional mini-applications to edit your videos “to DVD”. The “Studio” modules:

Modify the aspect without re-encoding

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