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Description:Contextual menu to move/archive files/folders to common folders.

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Operating System:MacOS
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MoveCM is a menu bar application, service and contextual menu item for moving, copying, aliasing, hard linking and archiving (zip compressing) files and folders quickly into common folders. i.e. without the need to drag and drop them, use aliases, etc. It is a generalization of the Finder’s “Move to Trash” contextual menu item, you can apply it to any folder you like. Use the System Preference pane to specify destination folders. The menu bar application or contextual menu will then consist of menu items that correspond to these destinations. Control click on one or more files and/or folders in the Finder, select a destination from the menu, and the files and/or folders will be moved (copied, archived) to that destination. You have the option, specified in the preference pane, to have the destination folder opened for you after the operation completes. You also have the option of having the menu items in the contextual menu named after the destination folder, or by its pathname.

Note: MoveCM exists as several alternative forms. The reason is that Mac OS X 10.6 changed the way contextual menus should be implemented, namely as services. Since the “old style” CM’s no longer work in 10.6, MoveMBI and MoveService have been created.

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